Being a True Lead means that you have found the power in yourself, that you have the courage to stand by yourself and that you are capable of mastering your own life, your emotions and your potentials. With this power you will be able to show the way for others – with the horse as an equal partner!

The education is for you having a passion for developing relationships between horses and people. You may already work with people as a psychologist, psychotherapist, teacher, riding physiotherapist, educator, handicap-riding instructor, coach or other professions, and now you want to know a lot more about how to integrate the horses into your work. You already know and are used to being around horses.

There is not only one way. There are many ways to establish relationships between horses and people, and the purpose of this training is to find your way. Below you can hear what True Lead students said after the training (in danish).

Many options

The days are intense, full of insights from the horses and nature. You will develop in many different areas of life.

As a teacher and supervisor, it is important to be able to see, sense, feel and hear what your students or clients need. This applies regardless of whether it is relationship work, disability instruction, ride physiotherapy or therapy, or just horses and people who need to find each other.

When you guide other people and horses and you want to help them find each other, you must be able to be neutral, see clearly and not be affected by your own projections. The way to the hearts of the horse and your fellow men goes through your own heart. Therefore, you have to go for the first time.

The horse is our mirror and it tells us what we need to know. It requires us to meet without plans, projects or ambitions and without knowing where it ends. Only there we want to see the road. You must therefore develop your intuition and learn to trust it. You must learn to be confident in the open!

You can apply for admission to the program when:
You want to develop your skills to understand and communicate with horses and people
You want to learn to be loving and powerful at the same time
You want to make an effort to find your own inner True Lead – the one that shows the way!
You want to integrate the horses into work with other people and / or yourself.

Here you can see what the students from the 2016 team said then finished the program.

Training Content

On the program you will be led through different learning modules. Always starting with your own unique potential!

There will be practical assignments of different kinds, theoretical reading and one to one sessions over my Skype, between the days of teaching. one maximum twice in the course.

It is also expected that you will complete assignments along the way and actively participate in all classes.

There is no exam or assignment to be solved to pass the education. Instead, you will in the final phase, in collaboration with the teachers, prepare an opGAVE that illustrates your own development during the course of the program.

The learning modules include:

– Integrating equality into his philosophy of life and behavior towards other beings.
– Being loving and powerful.
– Being in the Now, in confidence and in safety.
– To be fast when necessary.
– To be slow when required.

– Being able to put his room – delimitation and invitation.
– To sense anything more than what you focus on (split vision).
– Knowledge of and understanding of the horse’s expression and signs of subsequent behavior.


– Handling of equipment
– Body language, attitude, timing and split vision.

– Being in resonance with client and horse.
– Knowing what our perception of ourselves and the world does in our communication with other people and horses.
– Being able to receive all kinds of information, including those we do not understand at the moment.

The horse as trauma healer

– How the horse’s nervous system can help people’s nervous system.
– How the horse can help people treat trauma.

learning Styles

– What different ways are there for learning to people?
– What different ways are found for learning for horses?
– Motivation – horses and people

Certificate of Education True Lead Academy
After graduation, you get a certificate and can call you True Lead.

TLA 2023 team 1 starts in April


The price for the education is a total of DKK 33,000, –

The price includes 15 full tuition days – total 120 hours of teaching both theoretically and practically with horses.
Staying and overnight stays for several days is free, but you have to buy and cook yourself.

I want to remind you that you can save DKK 4,000, – if you pay the entire course amount DKK 29,000, – at your registration when you are admitted to the program!
Should you drop off before the education starts or is detained DKK 5,000 (registration fee)

If you choose to pay in installments, the education costs DKK 33,000.

You pay DKK 5,000 at registration.
This amount will not be refunded if you waive your education prior to the course.

The rest of the amount is paid in 4 installments of DKK 7,000, –
1 rate: 1 November
2 rate: 1 December
3 rate: 1 January
4 rate: 1 February

You will receive an invoice and pay the amount on my kto 3409 60004943 – enter your name and TLA 2018
You will receive much more information when all students are admitted.

teaching Team

Marianne Florman
I am the founder of True Lead Academy and have developed “The Road to the Heart’s Heart and Your Own!”. I have a Bachelor of Education from RU 1995 and have studied Educational Sociology at DPU in 2002. At the same time, I have had my own company for more than 20 years with lectures and coaching specializing in performance anxiety, motivation, cooperation and individual-oriented development in groups and personally.

I am in training as Traumeter Therapist (Somatic Experiencing) and finish my education in October 2017. I am a member of the Riding Therapist Association.

It is me who acts as an education manager and accounts for most of the teaching, as well as guest teachers for selected parts of the classroom.
On parts of the program you will also meet my assistants who will guide you along the way.

Dorte Christiansen
For several years I have had the pleasure of being on the road to the horse’s heart and my own along with Marianne, and I have received individual instruction and supervision in horse assisted therapy at Ellevegården. I have been educated body psychotherapist (MPF) at the Institute for Life Energy and Zone Therapist (RAB) with own practice since 1988. Since 2013 I have assisted in riding physiotherapy, where I primarily work therapeutically with the contact between horse and human.

Mathilde Nørgaard Denning

It is a pleasure to be an assistant to the True Lead Academy education. I have had the honor of being a student at Marianne Florman for 5 months, is subsequently a trained coach of Mindjuice and is currently studying for a holistic animal welfare specialist. I am also trained in both healing and telepathy.

Teaching will be held at Møn with me at Ellevegården at Rytsebækvej 11, Hjelm, 4780 Stege.

The teaching will take place at Ellevegården, and on several consecutive days you will stay in a separate house with toilet, bath and kitchen, and in nearby B & B.
When you are more students at the same time, you will sleep in rooms together or you can sleep in your own tent or caravan. You will also have the opportunity to stay in my tipi. You have to take care of your own shopping and cooking. There will be the basic cookware available (oil, spices etc.)

application Process
You apply for admission to the program by sending a description of who you are and what you want to use the education. Tell where you are in life and how you are with horses. Tell if you are using horses in your professional profession or if that’s what you want – or if you just want to learn more about yourself and use the horse that helps.

If you have questions regarding the education, please feel free to contact me at mail

After shipped application, you will be contacted for a personal conversation. Then you will find out if you are admitted to the program.
I and my team are looking forward to opening new doors and finding ways together to open your presents for the contact between horses and people.

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