With the mentor course you get many personal tools – like in cooperation with the horses.

If you have horses yourself, you can use them to move in a direction that you may not even know. See also how the course of horses can take place.

It is your intention that in a mentor course you will get tools to open up new roads. There may be many elements in a mentor course, including skype development talks, personal exercises and meditations, and implementation of new knowledge and insights that sharpen your own intuition and believe in going your own way.

A mentor course will always be individually oriented so it’s your journey we move on. We have the opportunity to use the horses because they can help us on our way to many levels, depending on where we are in life. The work with the horses will primarily take place at Møn, or you will work on your own horses.

When I take people into a one-on-one mentor course, we work intensely and effectively for two to six months. It is typical of you who experience having stood still for a while or might have stopped completely and hard to find direction in life. Or it may be for you who already sprinkle with energy, but who just do not know in what direction the energy is to be sent.

It may also be that you have stopped with your horses and now need to get closer to them again, for example. If you have become insecure and afraid or you have been through a longer course of illness and want to feel vitality and future wishes again.

There are endless variants – and YOU come with your very own story.

The mentoring process can be screwed together in many ways according to your needs, but an example could be:
Half a VIP Day EVERY MONTH either with me on Møn or via Skype (2-3 hours per time)
1 weekly session of 1-2 hours as needed, where we work with me or via Skype
4 x 15 min. Skype or tel. Boost per. week
Unlimited advice by mail
Free access to all the online courses I set up while the progress is on!
In total, you receive benefits for DKK 21,000, – per month during the mentoring period. month + free online course, but your investment is DKK 12,500, – per month. month + VAT.

A one-to-one run lasts between 2-6 months and costs DKK 12,500 + VAT per day. month (Ask for a discount if you pay the full amount at once).

I look forward to hearing from you. Whatever you ask – even if it’s not a mentor course, we can clarify it by a conversation. Feel free to contact me at phone number 40621880 and, if you do not answer, please leave a call.

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