Horse guidance therapy

  • When you want to meet yourself and find some answers to questions in your life
  • When you need to move on with something you feel is stuck or when you’re looking for new potentials in yourself
  • If you have become afraid of riding or being with your horse (see also Release fear during Workshops)
  • Or when you’re just curious about what your next step could be

The horses are able to see us for who we are. They are an ingenious mirror that reflects our feelings, thoughts and tensions. In the interaction with the horses we have the opportunity to be strengthened in a plain, clear, loving and powerful embodiment of our intentions!

In horse therapy we work primarily from the ground and you do not need to know anything about horses. Even if you are afraid of horses, it is possible to get a horse-guided session. You also have the opportunity to be with the horse with a fence between you, if this feels more safe for you.

You can get horse-guided therapy with your own horse at home or at my place with one of my horses. And you can choose to focus on a theme or just be open to what can unfold during the session.

There is no facit and nobody knows in advance what happens during a session or whether it’s big or small. But I know that if you’re ready to meet yourself, the horse and I will help in any way we can!

The reason we involve the horses and how the session works
The nervous system of the horses is similar to ours and as escape animals horses are designed to respond to nervous systems, they will reveal blockages, imbalances or conflicts in us.

Horses always seek harmony so that they can meet their basic needs such as eating, resting and playing and they will therefore react with their bodies to find and/or restore harmony. Unlike us, the horses did not develop neocortex during development of the brain, which means they cannot reflect as we can. On the contrary, they have maintained strong contact with their bodies, as well as responding physically to the encounter with imbalances. For example, the horses react by scratching, shaking its head or mimicking the mud, walking, running or standing still, and in interaction with them, I will guide you to follow the bodily sensations they show. In this way we put our minds on stand-by and work directly with the body’s movements and sensations. Most people long for the great now, the presence and after letting go of thoughts, hustle and bustle. The horse is our best guide to do this.

My role is to translate what the horse offers and to give you safety and peace of mind in the meeting with the horse. But it is the horses who feel blockages and imbalances and who seek to find a bodily way to unlock them, achieve flow and relaxation and get in touch with power and energy. No sessions are similar to each other when the horses shows us the way and it is how it should be.

Sessions lasts from 30 – 90 min. The horses open and close, so we do not know how long the session lasts beforehand, but I know that small, short and intense sessions can be as valuable as long, maybe less intense.

Price for first session, regardless of duration, DKK 1,100 (+ driving fee according to state fee, if the session takes place elsewere than mine).
Price for the continous sessions in a course of at least three times is DKK 950 per session.

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