The “Road to the horse’s heart – and your own!” way

My work is based on a philosophy of an equal partnership between you and your horse.

Your horse constantly speaks to you. Not in words as we know it, however, its body always gives clear signals of what, how and why. Many ask me if I’m a horse whisperer. I often reply that the horses are the ones doing the whispering and I’m just listening. I will also teach you how to do that. Listening to the horse and letting it get a voice is essential in my teachings.

The focus of my teaching is
– helping find the connection between you and your horse
– teaching you to communicate and listen to your horse
– helping you cope with any challenges
– that the horse is our mirror – and your interaction is in focus

Mostly, I teach at my place where you are welcome to come either with your own horse or receive teaching with one of mine horses. I can also come to you when the calendar allows for this.

One to one lesson DKK 800 + driving fee (based on state fee).
For more participants, the hourly rate is DKK 500, – per participant + one time drive fee (based on state fee).
Spectators can join for DKK 100 per. person.

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